Off the Clock

I got to sneak out this week with some friends on the river. A few buddies I work with as guides and in local conservation. Usually we’re guiding or teaching together, we don’t necessarily get to fish with each other off the clock. It was nice to unwind, heckle each other a little, maybe steal a secret pattern or fishing spot, but mostly just fish the water the way we wanted to, instead of vicariously through a client. Not that helping someone catch a nice fish isn’t a blast, its just different.

Me and my buddy Matt each hooked fish on our first cast. At that point I could tell it was probably game-on. Between the 2 of us we  hooked 6 or 7 fish in the first five minutes, it was pretty funny.



I wanted to scout some different water so I told the boys where I was going and charged downriver.  I waded into position, made a cast or two and hooked a stout fish that broke me off in pretty short order.  I re-tied my rig, tried some more drifts, but no one else was playing. I checked out some other water a bit downstream. A slot that people overlook a lot and picked up a stout bow, almost a twin(if not a little smaller) to the one I just broke off.


ImagePhotos courtesy of Matt Heron Fly-Fishing

We fished some more holes even further downstream and picked up a few more pretty fish. Nothing ginormously huge, but healthy, clean, strong fish nonetheless.  Eventually people had errands and family that needed to be checked up on, so we called it. All in all, a good day. Heres to the good ones…


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