More Alaska flies

I ended up tying some more bugs for some buddies going up to guide AK this summer.(it almost feels like I’m the only one staying local this year.) A bunch of these were for a buddy going to SE Alaska, to a lodge that apparently has some pretty awesome steelhead and salmon fishing.


miscellaneous extra large intruders to play with –




Some heavy jig flies in case of real deep buckets with cover



Some flashy baitfish tubes tied with some old polar bear fur for the salt or estuary areas.



Also made some Pollywogs for the silver run. Kind of inspired between a slinky fiber baitfish pattern Jay Murakoshi makes for baja roosters and a skating pattern Andy Burk makes called a skate rat. I have high hopes for the tube version.



Made a bunch of other random stuff too; from different egg sucking leeches, to popsicles, to more intruders. All pretty loud and flashy. Alaska flies make me smile.









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