Fun times

Guide season has turned on like a light switch. You go from doing a trip or 2 a week during the spring months, to doing one almost every single day in the summer months. I’m already booked for most of June and have some booked already for July. It’s funny how everyone comes at the same time. This spring we had some awesome weather and great fishing but a much more limited number of clients. I think there’s a bit of a stigma about Tahoe weather in the winter and spring. That’s too bad, because I think it’s some of our best trout fishing of the year, especially if you’re willing to head down into Nevada for the warmer water temps. BWO’s and skwala stones galore and chances at some killer dry fly fish. A friend of mine, Justin Olson showed me a picture of a 28″ brown he caught in Nevada on a skwala dry in late February a few years back. Last year I had a day where I raised almost 20 fish on skwala stones, which is pretty remarkable considering the Truckee is the antithesis of the traditional dry fly friendly river. It’s usually deep nymphing or deeper nymphing, but great fishing can be had if you’re willing to give it a try. Speaking of nymphing….


Ran into a killer rainbow on the river today that got connected with an angler for a client named John. With a little cutthroat heritage, huge fins and somewhere in the 22 inch range, it was a beautiful specimen of what a trout could be. We hooked him on an ant pattern, that had most of its hackle clipped off and fished as a nymph. Gotta love it. John was able to do everything I asked him to and the fish were actually responsive. In guiding, when you have a guy that can fish, generally the hatch shuts down, wind blows sideways or it starts snowing. Conversely, it’s usually typical for the less experience the client has, the more likely hes going to hook the largest fish you’ve ever seen in your life. (and probably have a difficult time landing such a fish with their limited toolset.)   As a guide in a tourist mecca, the number of experienced sticks isn’t always as high as I’d like, so this was a pleasant reprieve from the regular folks from another side of the country who wanted to try out fly fishing cause the guy looked cool in a “River Runs Through It” (not that there’s anything wrong with that, Brad was a pretty cool character.) Besides being a competent fly fisher person before he met me, the conditions didn’t fall through, it didn’t start hailing, a thunderhead didn’t form overhead, instead fish ate bugs and ate his flies and he was a nice guy to boot.  Awesome.  We fished 3 different waters in a full day trip and hooked into sizeable fish in all 3. Some on nymphs and some on dries. We had one eat a size 8 carpenter ant dry, that hit it so vicious you thought the ant stole his wallet or something. I didn’t know a fish could be so pissed off at a bug.  Again, awesome. I hope you get to have as much fun wherever you’re at this weekend-




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