McCloud River pt. 2

The Bollibokka Club

A sign like this means you’re probably in the right place.


A century’s worth of studded boots on a deck


I knew I had 6 days on the McCloud, so after guiding every day for almost 3 months straight, the first day I took pretty easy. That lounge chair was really, really comfortable. We fished some of the water near the house that night, got a few nice wild bows high sticking, but nothing significant.


Day 2 we split up and explored all over. I went downstream near the lake hoping to find some browns starting to migrate. I swung some streamers. Nothing much. -side note – After fishing, I gave this fly to my buddy Timmy. The next week he tied it on his spey rod to test a new line and got a 25″ brown out of the Truckee, almost on accident.


Came back to the cabins for a meal prepared by our 5 star chef and said hi to the neighbors.


An alligator lizard decided to check out my fly tying stuff on the patio.



This web was huge, I almost walked right into it. It was right outside the door at eye level.


I also had an encounter with a pair of ring-tailed cats who were curious about the head-lamp I was using while I was fly-tying. I didn’t get any pics, but If you’ve never seen one, it’s kind of like a raccoon, a cat and a mink all blended into one.

here’s a vid I found of one

Merry Christmas guys,



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