As I work on a few fly rods I’m building, I press play on a mixture of symphonies from Mozart. I find nothing gets me more focused on the task at hand like instrumental music. I jam away, measuring twice, adjusting, gluing, measuring again. Before long, a few hours have passed without realizing it and I have a couple rods much further along then they were. I stop what I’m doing, press pause and think about Mozart. Here I am listening to something penned on a piece of paper by a youth in Austria, hundreds of years ago. His music has jumped across time. It gives me a feeling inside, something to aspire to. Creating beauty that somebody long from now can appreciate. I feel a similar feeling when I look at my fathers cane fly rod. I wonder what stories it could tell, what adventures it was brought along with to be involved in. I look back at my rods. What if some kid a hundred years from now caught a fish on that rod. Would he look at it and appreciate its colors and lines, maybe wonder what kind of person I was. I keep thinking of these things I create, I think of not just my usage or my friends or customers usage. I think more and more of the future. I think of what I’m leaving behind. Then it gets my mind thinking of not just mere trinkets to be appreciated, but of the world itself. What kind of world do I want to leave behind. I have a lot of work to do. We all have a lot of work to do. I put the Mozart back on and try to clear my mind. I start to wrap the silk onto the rod. Saving the world will have to wait until the morning. Right now I have beauty to aspire to. Still, the feeling never truly escapes me….


2 fiberglass rods waiting for glue, alongside a finished rod.


-Here’s a couple pics of a finished rod on the water from this past summer, alongside the Williamson river.  The agate guides have a special glow.


Light shining through the variegated silk makes the wraps almost look like tiger stripes up close.


Looking back up the Williamson



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